Monday Gang

We need new blood for the Monday Gang. These are mostly retired men and women that meet early on Monday morning and stock the houses with targets and empty trash barrels but there's always time for coffee and conversation. In addition, many Monday Gang members choose to shoot Trap or Skeet at a reduced rate. This won't take much time out of your Monday morning so please consider giving a hand.

Missoula Trap and Skeet

Missoula Trap and Skeet is a Shotgun Shooting Range. The range has facilities for Trap, Skeet, 5 Stand, and International Trap fields available.

MTS is a membership-based club but if you would like to shoot please come out to the range and we will accommodate you. If you would like to return in the future a membership will be required.

The club hosts league during the Fall, Winter and Spring for Trap, Skeet, and 5 Stand. Everyone is welcome to participate in the leagues. If you don't have a team to shoot with come out to the club on the first or second night and we will find a team for you. The first year you shoot leagues you will be given a free club membership. You must be a member to shoot leagues after the first year.

Practice Hours:

Practice Hours:

Sunday afternoons from 12:00-4:00 pm

Missoula Trap and Skeet is an all-volunteer club. Any time we are open for shooting or for a league is because volunteers have stepped up and given their time to be at the club. We always welcome new volunteers to help out and to give some of our regulars a rest. The club does pay pullers and scorekeepers for the registered shoots, leagues, and Sunday trap practices. The workers are local teenagers ages are 14-18. Workers must be at least age 16 to be down in the trap houses to load targets. Please send an email using the contact form on the site.

"Monday Gang" This is a group of members who volunteer every Monday morning at the club. Following the work that they do around the club house and the grounds they then are allowed to purchase their rounds at a reduced rate for shooting that day. The "Gang" is always looking for more volunteers!!! If you are interested, please use the Contact Form on this site to send us an email.

"Wednesday - Retired Guys Workout" for Skeet from 12:00pm - 3:00pm. This is an informal group that meets to shoot together each week. The club house is not open during this time so you need to purchase tokens at the vending machine.
Sunday - The club is open from 12:00-4:00 pm for practice. If there is a registered shoot going on during this time, practice is only allowed if there are available fields.

Membership Information

Membership Information

Memberships are sold on an annual basis and are good for a calendar year which is from January 1st through December 31st.

A "Regular" membership is $50 per year.

Life Memberships are not available for sale. They are an Honorary membership given by the club to individuals that have shown outstanding leadership in the club over a period of years.

An "Associate" membership is available to the spouse or MINOR children of a Regular, Senior, or Life member for $10.00 per year. This entitles the Associate member to participate in club events and to shoot at the range. This is a non-voting membership and may have other restrictions as determined by the board of directors.

A "Fall" membership is available to persons who enroll after September 10th and who are only participating in the Fall league. It does not entitle the Fall member to participate in any other club activities.

You may join the club by coming to the club house and filling out the application and paying the appropriate fee. You may also join by downloading the application and sending your completed application and check to:

Missoula Trap and Skeet
PO Box 16152
Missoula, MT 59808

Contact Information

Contact Information

Phone: (406) 549-4815 Grounds Keeper: Russ Wages

The club is not staffed on a daily basis - The quickest way to contact someone is by filling out the contact form below.